Prank Caller’s Guide 205

THIS IS FUN. GET READY FOR FUN. Baskets and Bird do a soundcheck before Bird leaves and Baskets then bugs a boy and his mom, before relentlessly and brutally attacking Vape shops. Episode from 6/20/2019

Prank Caller’s Guide 204

THE LIST CONTINUES with the BEST EPISODE YET. We have name-saying fights, we have boyfriend’s gatekeeping, and we have rap music! Welcome to episode 204, where we call people from area codes I am not allowed to tell you about! TOP SECRET STUFF. I hope to get one or two more of these out before I head to Road Rage Las Vegas tomorrow!

Prank Caller’s Guide

Prank Caller’s Guide to the universe is my very own prank call show, taking my long history of listening to and hosting Prank Call shows to the next step: teaching YOU how to make prank calls! Just Kidding- I am not going to teach you anything. This isn’t some kind of Prank-University, but you’ll laugh even if you don’t learn anything. Today we talk to the Associated Press, some confused women with names starting in an A, and while the audiovolume levels are a bit tricky on this episode, everything is set up for more calls to come in the future! Welcome to the PCG.