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Month: August 2020

The Rioting 20s

It’s a new era, many people finally see now what is at stake in the loss of a republic- safety. Liberty is not the friend of safety, from safety is born security, then security is monetized or privatized or militarized- and anyone who isn’t being safe is deemed a danger. Smoking, driving without a seat […]

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cherrington manor poetry

“The House That Jack Built”, an accumulative nursery rhyme written by an unknown Englishman in 1755 fuck england and fuck whoever wrote it, it is a progression tale, but it services it’s own existence in that it adds yet another tale in the long list of adventures had by Jack of fables.( THERE IS a […]

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12 Sept 2016     James Baldwin was once a very poor ten year old boy being bullied and teased by New York police officers; he went on to become an influential essayist and novelist, in the short essay “If Black English isn’t a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?” he discusses the way that dialects […]

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A Study On The Human Condition

“Do Not Reason With The Light, “ The rock screams as it soars, whistling through the most silent of places. The soundless, pitch black void of space has lost its ground, as the comet rips it’s rules apart.     Blinding red and hurtling through the nothing, it’s destination is planetary. Our planet. Damn, that is […]

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a written essay for someone else

10 May 2019 Society >1984?     Society currently has a lack of trust. A lack of trust on two parts: the government and the people, and the people and the government. Current events within our country worry me, the parallels between George Orwell’s 1984 and current events are uncanny. From spying on citizens with hidden […]

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A NATURAL PLACE TO START MODERN GONZO I did mushrooms on freemont street and my friend died while I was high and having fun. I haven’t been back to las vegas to party since then, both of us fans of the same show coming to town- but not for lack of trying- the city shut […]

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