A Study On The Human Condition

“Do Not Reason With The Light, “

The rock screams as it soars, whistling through the most silent of places. The soundless, pitch black void of space has lost its ground, as the comet rips it’s rules apart.

    Blinding red and hurtling through the nothing, it’s destination is planetary. Our planet. Damn, that is scary. All the puds in the masses, on their phones and drugs, helpless against an extinction level event. Now I regret not wearing a cardigan to every event. The government tried and failed to stop the coming storm of devastation but NASA couldn’t halt it’s progress, stalling was no success. All the politicians and the rich hide under the surface in glass bubbles, but the general population is in trouble. There is nothing trill about how real the end of all will feel but in the end it doesn’t matter, in the end there are no guidelines.

    When society is faced with and bathed in light from the nothingness of space, and the knowledge that nothing’ll be alright, the fractured columns will all fail, and fall. The loud and shining world we knew has lost its ground, as the comet rips it’s rules apart.