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I did mushrooms on freemont street and my friend died while I was high and having fun.

I haven’t been back to las vegas to party since then, both of us fans of the same show coming to town- but not for lack of trying- the city shut down in march, and when it was open there were too many cops to get away with my flavor of enthusiasm. The coronavirus has been rough and ridiculuous but not worse at any moment than in causing the closure of americas greatest invention-a city famous for excess. i am certainly someone influenced by the many memoirs of hunter s thompson, a jouranlist in job and gonzo investigative writer in spirit- gonzo being that first person extraordainary narrative popularized by thompson, and the films made bout him. as an avid reader of thompson and others with similar spirit (dick masterson) I am obviously inspired by them. I glorified vegas on the first trip because of raul duke- i glorified vegas the fourth for cocaine and free shots. The winding indoor malllike atmosphere of the thing is fine when you appreciate the intent of it all. I spend money where consuming something seems fun- and so much is for sale on freemont street. perhaps with the relationship im in now and the need to “be a business” I will not again indulge in the sin city to its’ fullest namesake but I will always be ready to start another weekend on the polished bathroom counters of the aria’s rooms.