By Vizzy G is a comedy parody song of All Girls Are The Same by Juice WRLD,

An ode to a future where all the flags are representative of what PRIDE Month really stands for- the month is inclusive enough for everyone. We should not be burning gay pride flags of any color.

I admit it, another flag got me livid
Broke my heart, oh no you didn’t
Fuck speakin’, I’mma doubledown throttle

It’s gay pride, the hard truth, can’t swallow,
Need a new motto, step on snek? Meet sorrow,
Wake up the next day to the logos with new photos,
Tell me gay pride months over tomorrow
And that’s not winning
Flags be flown looking hollow,

Who am I kiddin’?
All these companies are telling me that I fit in
I’m a jealous boy, really feel like John Lennon
I just wanna sing imagine, guess it’s been a minute,
Pissed off from the way that I do fit in, I do fit in
Tell me what’s the secret to sales? I don’t get it
Consistently coverin’ my face, I’m not winnin’
BLM and so do trans white women, she grinnin’

these flags are the same
All the flags are gay,
They’re protesting race, love
Or sex or cops or some-thing
Before I go insane, uh,
All flags are the same
They’re protesting pain, drugs, racism or brand names,
Also pro-sex change, bruh