I Am The Greatest: Episode 3

Today we review Godzilla Vs Podcast Zero (In stunning The Dick Show quality!!) and then we play prank call mad libs- in today’s How To Prank bit. George and Haley’s Madcast Media Conference has been delayed by the coronavirus- good thing they have plenty of neighbbas, local businesses and hotels to ask to be their new venue! Southern George needs a Pool Cleaner, Meth George’s son is only four- and already addicted to his dad’s supply- so he calls Itsmintsalad’s dad for parenting advice! All this and more, on Episode 3 of I Am The Greatest.

Mad Lib Call Starter! Try something like:
“Hi, My name is JOB at the Madcast Conference over here at the LOCATION. I was just calling to let you know that we will be over there, (at LOCATION) in bout 10 minutes. (PAUSE FOR REACTION)
Well, the coronavirus concern made our venue cancel, we are moving about half of us to your LOCATION. It’s me, my friend CELEBRITY NAMEDROP and about BIG NUMBER of others!”

From there, just try to make them mad! Tell em to hang it up, or say a curse word! Tell em you have tents, and are coming NO MATTER WHAT. That’ll get a reaction! Here are some madlib suggestions to help you find your prank call footing!

I Am The Greatest: Episode 2

Today we have a few more tenant from hell calls, Maddox campaigns for Mayor Pete and then I try to catch the monsters running around stealing my garbages. We get threatened, yelled at, and hung up on a lot (when the calls were answered!)

Send in YOUR calls and call ideas to Rileymix1@gmail.com and I’ll feature them here! (I’ll get a show email one day!) Enjoy!

I Am The Greatest: Episode 1

Tomorrow is the first day of March. What a month it will be!

In case your favorite Godzilla Vs Podcast doesn’t come out today, here is 40 minutes of various prank calls to companies and people as famous author George Maddox. I did a few calls yesterday and spliced in some Phone Losers calls from random times in the past. More coming, as I shake off the rust from my telephone. If YOU have Maddox prank calls for this dedicated collection, please email me at Rileymix1@gmail.com with an mp3, your professional prank caller name, and a short description of your call! Send any prank requests and ideas to the same email!


The King Richard Prank Call that shows how Busby’s employees act at work, and exposes Maddox for the IRL event flagger he has become. Full call first played on The Dick Show. Maddox is the biggest POS online, after his 400 Million dollar Lolsuit he is now hiding in his garbages and waiting to attack the “stalkers” he spends all his time following around online and in real life.

Listen to more King Richard here: https://anotherprankcallshow.libsyn.com/

Holy Rollers E1

Our first episode- a warm welcome into our church, introductions by all, and our first sermon (What IS the virtue of Right-Wing Concern Trolling?). It is a 30 minute tale of Crippled Jesus explaining the sinful loss of his virginity, and it ends with a vulgar hip-hop song. Thoughts & Prayers til next week!! -Riley & CJ